Discover Spark Energy in Illinois

Since 1999, Spark Energy has been offering alternative supply plans for energy consumers who live in deregulated markets, including that of Illinois. It is now a nationwide energy retailer, serving Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and Illinois. In these markets, it has more than 140 employees and hundreds of thousands of customers who receive Spark Energy rates for their supply of natural gas and/or electricity.

Spark Energy rates for green energy products

Along with its traditional energy plans that compete with other Illinois electric companies, Spark Energy in Chicago and other Illinois cities offers green energy products. Spark Energy, Illinois, has green energy products available for both electricity and natural gas. These Spark Energy rates and plans allow consumers to reduce their carbon contribution by purchasing electricity generated from renewable sources as well as carbon offsets for natural gas use. And while the renewable electricity isn’t actually powering the home or business that purchases green energy plans, the purchased renewable energy is injected into the electricity grid, neutralizing the carbon footprint of the home’s or business’ electricity use.

Spark Energy in Illinois is involved in the community

As noted on its website, a big part of Spark Energy in Illinois’ culture is making significant contributions to the communities it serves. It does this by working with several organizations. Ranging from a focus on children to military to entrepreneurship and the environment, Spark Energy, Illinois, is involved with a variety of causes in its communities. As an example, one of these causes is Lemonade Day, a learning program created by Prepared 4 Life in which communities across the United States teach children how to manage their own business through starting a lemonade stand.

What are alternative Illinois electric companies?

After the Illinois Electric Service Customer Choice and Rate Relief Law in 1997, energy consumers in the Prairie State gained the freedom to choose from Illinois electric companies and natural gas suppliers for their energy supply plans. Before this legislative ruling created a deregulated energy market, Illinois energy consumers could only purchase their electricity and natural gas supply from the utility at regulated rates. While energy delivery remains regulated and the utility is still in charge of delivery and its distribution system, consumers have more choice for their energy supply plan. They may now choose supply plans from companies such as Spark Energy in Illinois. is here to assist you

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Source: Updated: 4-21-15.