Get to Know the PPL Electric Utility

PPL is an electric utility in PA that serves more than 6 million customers. As seen on its website, this electric utility in PA consistently tries to find new ways to satisfy its customers. For example, its high-tech metering allows it to manage and store hourly data from customer electricity use. PPL can use that data to develop new options for its customers. For its overall residential and business customer satisfaction, PPL electricity has won 21 J.D. Power awards. It was also one of the first electric utilities in PA to help low-income customers pay their heating bills.

Environmental efforts from PPL

The PPL electric utility has made several efforts to study and better the environment. For instance, it has been studying electric vehicles’ effect on the electricity grid. Through this work, PPL earned a Power Delivery & Utilization Technology Transfer Award from the Electric Power Research Institute. After this research, this electric utility in PA decided to replace some of its gas-powered company vehicles with 15 Chevrolet Volt hybrid plug-in vehicles.

The PA power to switch

Consumers who have PPL electricity service can participate in PA Power Switch from the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission. PA Power Switch allows energy consumers who live in Pennsylvania to purchase their electricity supply from an electric supplier that offers competitive energy rates. There are many options for PPL electric suppliers. However, no matter where consumers purchase their energy, PPL electricity delivery will still serve their home. PPL electric suppliers only handle the supply portion of the business. Consumers who live in the PPL electric utility service area remain its customers and are charged for delivery and maintenance.

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Source: Updated: 4-12-15.