Discover More About PECO Energy

PECO is the largest energy utility in Pennsylvania and is a part of the Exelon energy company, one of the largest energy corporations in North America. This utility provides electricity and natural gas in the Pennsylvania counties of Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, Philadelphia and York. Headquartered in the City of Brotherly Love, the 2 million Crown Lights on the offices of PECO in Philadelphia are considered a city tradition and were updated on July 4, 2009, to LED lights to conserve energy. The Crown Lights have been a part of PECO in Philadelphia’s skyline since July 4, 1976, and have displayed more than 17,500 messages from the community and nonprofit organizations.

PECO’s employees volunteer in the community

This energy utility supports the communities it services through employee volunteerism. In fact, PECO was awarded the Special Achievement Start Award by Greater Philadelphia Cares for its employees’ year-round efforts. PECO employees have been known to volunteer pro-bono legal services and participate in Big Brother Big Sisters, Salvation Army, Energy for the Community and many more.

Understand PA Power Switch

PECO is a utility. Therefore, PECO energy rates are regulated by the government and vary depending on the market value of electricity or natural gas. However, because Pennsylvania’s energy is deregulated, PA Power Switch and PA Gas Switch allow consumers to shop around for energy suppliers that offer supply plans in the PECO energy service area.

Before energy deregulation, PECO energy customers were limited to purchasing supply from the utility at regulated PECO energy rates. Unfortunately, regulated rates aren’t always the best energy plan for a home or business. When Pennsylvania deregulated its energy market, it gave consumers more options. The state separated energy supply from delivery and generation, creating an open market where energy suppliers can compete with one another. Consumers can benefit from this by finding competitive energy plans that may work better for them than the regulated PECO energy rates. However, if PECO energy consumers are comfortable with their energy plan, they may opt to purchase their supply at regulated PECO energy rates. is here to help!

PA Power Switch and PA Gas Switch give you options. Why not explore alternatives to see if you’re getting the right plan for your home or business? PECO energy customers will still receive their energy delivery from this utility. The only change is where they purchase their supply. Browse to get an idea of some of the companies that offer supply for PECO energy customers. After that, give us a call so we can discuss some plans that could work well for your home or business. You owe it to yourself to be sure you’re getting the right energy plan for your needs – call today!

Source: Updated: 4-13-15.