Find Out About the Illuminating Company

The Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company, commonly referred to as the Illuminating Company, is an electric utility company located in northern Ohio. This electric utility is one of the utilities associated with FirstEnergy. The FirstEnergy group of companies includes several utilities in Ohio and utilities in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. Collectively, these companies serve approximately 6 million customers.

Consumers have the power to choose

In the Illuminating Company service area customers have the power to choose. Customers attained energy choice options more than a decade ago. Since then, competitive retail suppliers have worked with customers like you to offer competitive pricing, diverse energy plans and reliable customer care.

Energy choice created competitive electricity rates in Cleveland and other cities across Ohio. Although your local utility company offers rates regulated by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, you can also shop around and explore your options. Whether you’re looking for a Cleveland electricity supplier or a supplier in another city, you have a variety of companies to choose from.

Switching to an alternative Cleveland electricity supplier is simple and may be right for you. The Illuminating Company completes service requests that include starting, transferring and stopping service. Customers who find a new energy supply rate through a competitive retail supplier are welcome to discontinue their current supply and switch. Since energy choice, millions of Ohioans have chosen to receive electricity from a competitive retail supplier in their area.

Paying the Illuminating Company bill

For customers who stick with the utility, billing and payment options are available. As a customer in the Illuminating Company area, you have several options when it comes to billing and payment. Customers can pay by credit cards, savings or checking accounts, in person, by mail or by phone. Additional payment plans may also be available to you. is a useful resource

Consumers who have never explored their energy choices may be unfamiliar with the switching process. It’s actually quite simple and more than likely that the competitive retail suppliers servicing your area offer a variety of products for you to choose from. Typically, products vary in term length and price and may include price protection of the supply rate. To find a product that aligns with your preferences, be sure to compare offers between suppliers.

Finding retail suppliers in your utility area has never been so easy. Based on your city and utility you can see products available to you or call to speak with an energy specialist. We’re waiting to assist you in the switching process! We can enroll you with a new energy rate and supplier in no time.

Even though you may be new to connecting with a retail supplier for electricity, these suppliers are not new to the industry. Competitive retail suppliers joined the energy market as soon as energy choice became available to consumers. They are certified by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio and bring competitive prices to consumers.

Explore the options available to you in the Illuminating Company service area today.

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