Shop for Ohio Electricity Rates, Natural Gas Rates and More!

For more than 10 years, Ohio residents have had the ability to choose their retail energy supplier. You may have the ability to shop around for competitive electric suppliers in Ohio as well as for competitive Ohio gas suppliers. When choosing a retail energy supplier, your local utility will continue services such as delivering the energy (residentially or commercially) and providing maintenance and repairs. Energy choice offers the opportunity for consumers to assess competing retail suppliers and shop for supply rates and features that best fit their needs.

Understanding deregulation and the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO)

The U.S. Energy Information Administration states that Ohio is among the top 10 electric power generators and natural gas consumers in the nation. In 1999, the Ohio General Assembly passed a bill that changed how consumers could shop for both Ohio electricity rates and natural gas rates. The law officially went into effect in 2001, and its goal is to give consumers the option not only to compare electric suppliers in Ohio, but to also compare Ohio gas suppliers. Consumers are able to shop around for Ohio electricity rates and natural gas rates.

It’s important to understand that PUCO does not approve supply rates for competitive suppliers, but it informs consumers that utility services are available in residential, commercial and industrial areas. According to PUCO, its mission is to “assure all residential and business consumers access to adequate, safe and reliable utility services at fair prices, while facilitating an environment that provides competitive choices.”

Although you may have the freedom to choose your retail energy supplier, some areas in Ohio choose to aggregate. This means that some communities may be able to group their residents together to buy energy on the group’s behalf. Take a look to see if your community participates in an electricity or natural gas aggregation program.

Make an apples to apples Ohio energy choice

The freedom to choose an energy supplier gives you access to diverse energy options for your home or business in Ohio. Electricity rates and natural gas rates vary depending on the supplier and the supplier’s options and supply plans.

If you are unsure of the energy supplier that would be the best fit for your needs, an advanced apples to apples chart is available for Ohio residents’ use. The chart is an effective tool to view plans and price options, which may make some Ohio electricity rates and natural gas rates even more attractive.

Ohioans have the ability to use the following features from the apples to apples chart:

  • Compare both Ohio gas suppliers and electric suppliers in your area
  • Shop for residential, commercial and industrial supplier options
  • View current supply rates, plans, prices and contract terms

You can also shop around to find qualities in a supplier such as reliable customer service or plan certainty. Take advantage of your right to choose an energy supplier.

Updated: 6-30-15.