Learn About Just Energy in Illinois

Just Energy is a retail energy supplier that offers electricity and natural gas supply to residents in many states across the United States including Illinois, Massachusetts, Texas and New York. The company also serves customers in deregulated provinces in Canada such as Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario.

Just Energy may be available to you if you live in a deregulated area. In Illinois, if you live in the Nicor, Peoples Gas, North Shore or ComEd service area, you have many options for electricity or natural gas. In Illinois, residents have the option of sticking with their local utility company or choosing a retail energy supplier like Just Energy for electricity or natural gas supply.

Just Energy in Illinois energy plans

Just Energy is a family of companies. Its companies include Tara Energy, which means that Just Energy in Illinois operates as this different company in certain service areas. If you’re in the ComEd service area, for example, Just Energy can supply your home or business with electricity supply, however, it operates as Tara Energy.

For residents or business owners interested in Tara Energy in Illinois, the company offers various electricity plans. It offers secured supply rates so you can feel at ease when your electricity bill arrives each month since your supply rate stays the same. Just Energy also offers natural gas in Illinois where you can secure your natural gas rates on supply for a year or longer term.

Competitive electricity providers in Illinois versus utilities

Competitive electricity providers in Illinois differ from utility companies. Utilities offer regulated rates based on market prices and approval from the Illinois Commerce Commission. Alternative retail suppliers such as Just Energy and Tara Energy offer competitive rates and various plan structures to appeal to a large pool of consumers.

If you haven’t enrolled in an energy plan with an alternative retail supplier then you’re most likely receiving regulated electricity and natural gas rates from the utility company that serves your neighborhood. If you’re looking for new supply rates and want to explore your other options, research and evaluate the suppliers in your area. This will give you a good sense of whether switching is smart for you.

Who to call in an emergency

If you decide to switch to Tara Energy or Just Energy in Illinois you may wonder if your electricity or natural gas will still flow safely to your home or business. Although you may be concerned, you don’t have to be. Regardless of which competitive retail supplier you choose, your energy will be delivered to your home via the same route as always – the delivery system managed by your local utility company. Whether you live in the ComEd, Nicor or other service areas, utility companies are always responsible for delivery. In addition, these companies resolve emergencies such as electrical outages or gas leaks. If you experience any such emergencies, contact your utility immediately.

We can assist you

Whether you’re ready for a change or simply want to learn more about your options in your neighborhood, we’re here to help. Our energy professionals focus on enrolling customers in energy plans and finding new rates. You may be surprised how fast we can enroll you with a new energy plan.

Source: www.justenergy.com. Updated: 6-2-15.