Understand Direct Energy in PA

Direct Energy is a large electricity and natural gas supplier that offers supply plans with alternative Pennsylvania electric rates and natural gas rates. This energy supplier operates in 46 U.S. states, the District of Columbia and 10 provinces in Canada and has been ranked as the #1 North American competitive retailer energy supplier by DNV KEMA. As an integrated company, Direct Energy generates, sources, services, trades and supplies energy for deregulated markets. With 12 regional offices, including a Direct Energy PA office in Harrisburg, this supplier is local to many of the markets it serves.

Take advantage of PA power to switch

Pennsylvania electric rates on supply are available in an open market. The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission’s PA Power Switch option allows customers of the PPL electric utility and other energy utilities to purchase supply at competitive Pennsylvania electric rates from alternative retail suppliers. The PA power to switch isn’t just for electricity – PA Gas Switch gives natural gas consumers the same opportunity as electricity consumers. Not every state has deregulated energy so it’s important that consumers who live in Pennsylvania take advantage of this freedom and find the right energy rates for their home or business.

Consider Direct Energy PA electric rates on supply

As an alternative energy supplier, Direct Energy offers competitive Pennsylvania electric rates on supply. Some of these rates have certain incentives, creating variety for homes or businesses that aren’t a match for the fluctuating regulated rates offered by the utility. Incentives can include different kinds of rates.

– Stable-rate plans allow consumers to pay the same rate per kWh for the duration of their energy contract. These plans give consumers the opportunity to more easily budget their energy consumption to keep their bill within a certain range and may be a better fit for the home or business that likes to better predict their energy bill.

– Variable-rate plans fluctuate with the market price of energy. Variable-rate plans could be a good fit for a home or business that prefers to pay the market value of energy but would not like to stick with the utility. These plans can offer more freedom if they are offered on a month-to-month or short-term basis.

ElectricityProviders.org is here to help

If you’re considering the PA power to switch, you’ve come to the right place. ElectricityProviders.org details some of the options for electricity and natural gas supply in your area. Find the right supplier for your home or business by reading about the ones that serve your area and comparing their Pennsylvania electric rates. After that, give us a call so we can help figure out what’s best for you. You live in a deregulated energy market, let ElectricityProviders.org help you find the right plan your home or business!

Source: www.directenergy.com.

Updated: 4-8-15.