Understand Ameren Illinois

Ameren is an Illinois electric company and natural gas provider that offers delivery services and regulated supply rates. Based in Collinsville, Illinois, Ameren electricity is distributed in the utility’s 43,700 square mile service territory and natural gas distributed across a 64,000 square mile territory. Its distribution system includes 45,400 electricity distribution lines and 4,500 miles of electricity transmission lines, as well as 18,000 miles of natural gas distribution and transmission mains and 12 natural gas storage fields. To operate all of these wires and pipelines, Ameren Illinois employs about 3,200 workers.

The history of Ameren electricity

Ameren Illinois got its start in 1902 as Union Company of St. Louis, Missouri and Central Illinois Public Service Company (CIPSCO). Union Company was the first power company to demonstrate electricity on a broad scale. It did this by lighting up the 1904 St. Louis World Fair. It wasn’t until 1952 that Union Company and CIPSCO merged, creating the company we know for Ameren electricity. However, it wasn’t until Illinois power deregulation that it began calling itself Ameren. Throughout the years, Ameren has acquired other Illinois electric companies, such as the utility Illinois Power. Ameren Illinois now includes the electric and natural gas distribution companies AmerenIP, AmerenCIPS and AmerenCILCO.

How deregulation affects Illinois power

In 1997, Illinois made a legislative ruling that deregulated the energy market. When this happened, the supply portion of the business was separated from the delivery and generation facets, creating a competitive marketplace for supply plans. As a result, alternative Illinois electric companies entered the marketplace, offering more options for consumers’ energy plans. Instead of being required to purchase energy from the utility at regulated rates, consumers may shop around to see what other kinds of supply plans are out there. These rates come in various forms – for example, stable-rate plans permit a consumer to pay the same amount per kWh while under agreement.

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Source: www.ameren.com. Updated: 7-29-15.