Learn about Ambit Energy in Illinois

Ambit Energy services several markets across the United States including Illinois, Texas, New York and Pennsylvania. The company was founded in 2006 and is based out of Dallas, Texas. Its website reports that Ambit has more than 1 million customers and in 2011, J.D. Power honored the company with an award for having the most positive feedback shared amongst its customers.

In Illinois, electric rates on supply are available to nearly all residents. In the northern third of Illinois in counties such as Cook, Lee and Livingston, both electricity and natural gas supply are available. According to Ambit Energy, Illinois customers are located in the ComEd, Nicor, Peoples Gas, Ameren and North Shore utility service areas.

How deregulation affects consumers

Many consumers are unaware of their ability to choose their energy supplier but it’s truly useful to understand deregulation and how it can affect you. In Illinois, electric rates on supply are available to consumers via two sources: utility companies and retail energy providers. Deregulation went into effect years ago in Illinois and is a regulatory ruling that opened the energy market and allowed other companies to sell energy supply. Prior to deregulation, utility companies were the only source of electricity or natural gas supply, but now electricity or natural gas supply can come from whichever company you choose.

Deregulation affects consumers by offering more options including different plan types, rates and customer service. Whether you’re a new resident in Illinois or just now looking to take advantage of deregulation, explore your options. By checking out your options you’ll realize whether the default option through your utility company or a competitively priced plan from a retail energy provider is best for you.

Ambit Energy customers get perks

Ambit Energy in Illinois may offer exactly what you’re looking for. In addition to Illinois electric rates on supply and natural gas rates, the company offers customers ways to get free energy and receive travel rewards. As an Ambit Energy customer, if you refer friends, neighbors, family members or co-workers, you have the ability to receive a credit to your account. The travel rewards program works a little differently in that customers earn travel points for kilowatt hours or therms used. As points accumulate you can earn a travel getaway to one of the locations available.

Choosing among electric companies in Illinois

There are many competitive natural gas and electric companies in Illinois and they all offer comparable Illinois electric rates and natural gas rates since they’re vying for your business. Ambit Energy is one of the several retail energy providers in Illinois, therefore, it’s likely you have numerous other options. Although comparing Ambit Energy in Illinois with your other options may seem confusing, in reality, identifying your options and comparing plans and rates is fairly simple. Our team consists of energy professionals who find energy plans for consumers on a daily basis. With our help you will learn about some of your options and can enroll with a new retail energy provider immediately. With our help you can secure a new rate today.

Source: ww2.ambitenergy.com Updated: 6-8-15.