Get to Know AEP Ohio

AEP Ohio is a utility company based in Gahanna that powers homes and businesses in Ohio. The company is a part of American Electric Power, a leading energy utility that includes multiple companies and brings electricity to approximately 5 million customers. These customers are located in 11 states, making AEP one of the largest electric utility generators in the United States.

As a member of the AEP family of companies, AEP Ohio has a customer base of approximately 1.5 million customers located in more than 920 communities in the state. AEP Ohio operates as the Ohio Power Company and brings power to consumers in the Ohio Power zone and Columbus Southern Power zone. 

Since inception the company has offered electricity to Ohioans. Through this utility, consumers can receive regulated rates, paperless bills, power outage information and more. However, residents and business owners in an energy restructured area such as AEP Ohio can explore beyond the utility company and choose a company they want to supply their electricity.

Energy choice in Ohio

Energy choice started more than a decade ago in Ohio. This program restructured the energy market and allowed competitive retail suppliers to open business and offer electricity supply and competitive prices. Previously consumers had no option for electricity – it was generated, supplied and transmitted via a utility company. With energy choice, however, consumers have options and can take advantage of the various companies offering innovative products and competitive prices by choosing electricity from a retail supplier.

Consumers are not forced to partake in energy choice. It’s up to consumers or business owners to decide to stop their utility supply and enroll with a retail supplier. Retail suppliers are certified by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO), which requires suppliers to meet certain standards.

AEP responsibilities

Whether or not consumers choose an alternative supplier they remain connected to the transmission system operated by AEP Ohio. The company’s 2014 Year-End Report states that since 2009, AEP Ohio has invested more than $1.9 billion in the transmission system. The company continues to trim trees and remove vegetation that disrupt overhead power lines and service.

Because the company manages power lines it is responsible for resolving power outages. AEP Ohio’s restoration process begins with addressing hazards such as downed power lines and then restoring power at hospitals, police stations and locations with 911 emergencies. Then the company restores main lines that reach more and more of its customers.

The company has a restoration plan in place and attempts to resolve emergencies as soon as possible. Customers are often notified about the progress of restoring power via TV stations, websites and the radio. You can also sign up to receive email or text alerts to your mobile device when the power goes out. 

In addition to restoring power, AEP helps customers start, stop or transfer service. Consumers interested in energy choice can stop supply service with AEP Ohio and enroll with any of the Ohio electricity suppliers that offer plans in their area.

Compare competitive retail suppliers

Consumers intrigued with the options available through Ohio electricity suppliers are encouraged to explore the marketplace and compare suppliers’ electricity rates. In Ohio, suppliers are competing for your business. Look into what each supplier offers and compare their electricity rates in Ohio, supply plan structures, green energy options, payment options and more.


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