Discover AEP Energy in Illinois

Founded in 2002, AEP Energy is an energy retailer that offers Illinois electric rates on supply and energy efficiency solutions. Although it is an affiliate of the Ohio-based utility American Electric Power, AEP Energy in Illinois is not connected to any Illinois utility companies. As a supplier of energy supply plans, this retailer has more than 150,000 energy customers in Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and the District of Columbia. This Fortune 200 company employs hundreds of workers in the main offices of AEP Energy in Chicago.

AEP Energy in Illinois offers energy-efficient solutions

As part of its energy-efficiency services, AEP Energy has helped several businesses save energy through efficiency optimization projects. For instance, AEP in Chicago’s Museum Park Energy Efficiency Project helped the Museum Park Garage save $12,361. This lighting retrofit project made the Museum Park Garage’s lighting brighter and more efficient while eliminating 10 tons of CO2 – the equivalent of taking two cars off the road for a whole year. Along with this project, this subsidiary of American Electric Power has helped other companies save energy through various fixture upgrades.

Green energy from AEP Energy in Illinois

As part of AEP Energy rates, this retailer offers green energy solutions through its program ECO-Advantage℠. This Green-e® Energy certified plan offers clean energy certificates from 100% wind-generated sources to balance out a customer’s carbon footprint produced by his or her home or business electricity use. According to its website, all AEP Energy, Illinois, consumers have to do is enroll in this plan and they can feel confident that they are helping reduce their overall carbon footprint.

Illinois utility companies and Illinois electric rates

When the Illinois energy market deregulated in 1997, consumers were given a choice for their Illinois electric rates on supply. Energy deregulation opened the supply market to competition by separating this facet of the business from generation and delivery. Illinois utility companies still offer regulated supply rates. However, consumers are no longer required to purchase their energy supply in this manner. It is important to note that regardless of where consumers are getting their Illinois electric rates on supply, Illinois utility companies remain in charge of delivery and infrastructure maintenance and charge consumers for these services. knows Illinois electric rates on supply

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Source: Updated: 4-21-15.